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BirdbangerNYC is a fashion brand that consists of Menswear, Womenswear and Childrenswear, as well as custom designed and made to order clothing.  We specialise in t-shirts, snapbacks, hoodies, sweatshirts, beanies, tank tops, dresses and accessories.  BBNYC isn't just a brand, it's a statement and a lifestyle brought together through music, artwork and fashion! BBNYC has its own identity, with positive work and an undeniable sense of ambition, we strive to produce and create original clean designs.

BirdBangerNYC has a strong meaning, being from the US of A, the American Eagle is where the 'Bird' inspiration came from.  'Banger' is simply something that is on top form, outspoken, something that's hot and in-style and someone who's not afraid to be different, who has no shame in their game, standing tall and standing for what they believe in.  NYC is where I'm from, Harlem to be exact and is a part of who I am and who my uncle was and I wanted to represent each part of that with this clothing line.



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